Updates and Online Shopping During Covid-19

Update: We re-open Tuesday, June 16th. Please read the new salon guidelines that will be in place at that time.

Hi ALL, what a spring we have all endured. I am so hoping that none of you have been touched by this horrible pandemic? Life has definitely changed for all of us.
Life will return to somewhat normal eventually, however we have all had time to spend time with our families, whether it be in the same home or virtually. Life is
so precious and I personally feel that it (the lock-down) has given us the opportunity to set priorities, on our health, ourselves, our relationships, the things that
truly matter most.

Our salon has really missed ALL of you and we can’t wait to see you again. We know that you ALL do as well, either through messaging, phone calls and the like. Many
of you of course really want to get your haircut, coloured, you name it. We also are in agreement that we miss each other for the relationships that we have built
together over many, many years. For us, as stylists, we are social beings, so being in lock-down has been quite difficult. I personally can’t imagine how hard it’s
been on our seniors and so many others. We also have this concern of the well being of our first responders, personal care givers, just to name a few.. Many are our clients.
But we shall overcome staying ‘Strong Together’.

Knowing this will end hopefully soon, the salon has been watching and planning for a safe re-opening. That being said, we have lots of Health and Safety planning to do.
We will be following very strict guidelines and will go above and beyond what will be monitored by officials. There is nothing more important to us than your safety
and the safety of our staff and their family members. Our kind and friendly environment will remain the same, however things like offering coffee and magazines,
having family members with you and the like will probably change. Our hours of operation may not be as flexible as well for each stylist, as we may not be able to
have many in the salon at the same time due to social distancing. PLEASE understand, the nature of our services require us to stand and work closely with our guests,
so there will tremendous restrictions in place before we can even consider re-opening. STAY TUNED for our re-opening date!!! Can’t wait to see you all!

ONLINE SHOPPING has now been launched on our website and our Social Media, such as Facebook. You can scroll down pick and pay for whatever we have on our site. You will
still receive your Loyalty points, however we will not be redeeming any until we re-open, nor will there be any returns to avoid any extra physical contact.
We will be adding to our line as the need arises. One hot seller is our ‘Tressa Root Concealer’ available in 5 different shades. We do have a link for you to
choose your own shade or email us if you aren’t sure. If you wish to also speak or contact your favorite stylist, email us and we will forward your contact info.

OUR ONLINE SHOPPING LINK is https://socialappsnow.com/so/beautyonbank

Tressa Root concealer shade link is https://www.tressa.com/root-concealers/


Love, Shelley