Ottawa Hair Salon, Beauty On Bank, Welcomes Spring with Redken’s World Renowned Sam Villa!

Wow… its March and spring is here! Our Ottawa Hair Salon is full of fresh ideas, new looks and the anticipation of change. It will soon be our second anniversary and we’re charging up our batteries for a stellar start to our third year.

What an awesome ride we have had so far. We have great clients, who tell us how they love coming to the salon and feel so comfortable. Our new hires are terrific, and our entire team is really coming together.

We are just back from a Hair Show in Montreal, where we learned about the latest products and trends. Shelley has always said: “education is key.” She stands by this, even after over 32 years experience. “I never stop learning,” says Shelley. She insists her staff do the same and offers opportunities and incentives to help them grow.

With this in mind, we are anxious to tell our clients that we have been invited to an intimate, exclusive educational event like no other. One of our industry’s leading educators, Sam Villa, will be in Ottawa for one bombshell of a day. His name may not be familiar to those who are not part of the hair business, so you can check him out at He has earned many global awards, including educator of the year, hairstylist of the year, to name a few, and he is Redken’s Educational Artistic Director.

Beauty on Bank will be with hair junkie by fads at their Laurier Avenue location for one “unforgettable day.” We all share the same devotion to our clients to have the latest and greatest techniques, trends and products in our Ottawa Salon. We share the same passion to give you the best quality service for your money.”

In our next blog post, we’ll tell you all about our exciting day with Sam Villa… coming in April!

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