Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at 6:30 PM – 9 PM
Lush Locks and Healthy Hormones

Where: Beauty on Bank, 1920 Bank St., Ottawa, Ontario

Hair loss? Your body may be trying to tell you something.

Getting to the Root of Hair loss with Naturopathic Doctor Emma Pollon-MacLeod and Guest Speaker Lisa Grant, Scalp Specialist.

What You’ll Learn In This Class:
– Everything you need to know about how imbalanced hormones impact hair loss
– Specific nutrients required for hair growth
– The connection between thyroid health and hair health
– The reason so many post menopausal women are struggling with hair loss

What You’ll Get At This Class
– On site hair and scalp analysis demonstrations with expert Lisa Grant
– Access to exclusive clinical hair loss packages specifically designed to uncover and treat your unique hair loss needs

About The Speakers

Dr. Emma Pollon-MacLeod, B.Sc., N.D., Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Emma, ND is a passionate advocate for natural holistic healthcare, and makes it her mission to determine the root cause of illness. Emma provides realistic treatment plans to her patients, and her treatments plans are always supported by current medical research.

Dr. Emma holds a naturopathic practice with a focus in hormonal health including weight management, genitourinary health, and allergy conditions.

From appearances on CTV morning live to lecturing at the University of Ottawa Dr. Emma strives to increase awareness on the benefits of preventative and personalized medicine.

Lisa Grant, Scalp Specialist

After being in the hair industry for over 30 years, Lisa has earned the title of Hair Loss / Scalp Skin Specialist
In the early 90’s she recognized the need for specialized care for those suffering from excessive hair loss, and scalp skin issues.

Most of her career she worked for a Scalp Skin Research facility that awarded her a Degree in Research Dermatology in 2006.

Lisa has traveled extensively and spoken to groups of stylists and industry professionals that need the proper information to make informed decisions on the care for these patients/clients.

Identifying the issues while assessing the condition of the scalp, working closely with each client, ensures they have the best possible opportunity to have a healthy scalp and healthy hair to protect it.