A Change in our Environment still with the awesome experience and trust… How amazing is that?

Hey ALL, what just happened?

OMG, the biggest thing in our lifetime, just happened! It’s not over yet….. We all just feel like a brick just hit all of us. Our lives haves changed, our place of business has changed but thank goodness we are all here to talk about it. Our new normal is undoubtedly different, which will take getting used to. That being said, there are substantial changes to Beauty On Bank! One thing I do know with these changes comes a TEAM that is up for the challenge and protocols.

If I can take a moment to give a HUGE shout out to everyone on our TEAM for not just staying connected but also being personally engaged in our well being during our downtime. Our team, Karley, Jelena, Dawn and Lisa have made our new normal so amazing. Each and everyone have engaged in the health and safety protocols that exceed what has been asked of us. Each and everyone of us have also taken courses on disinfecting and sanitization, including the most recent ones for COVID 19. This is why, we at Beauty On Bank are so proud to serve our guests with the utmost service and safety standards so you feel comfortable to enter our environment.

Thanks for being patient with us during our return. In the past week or so, we (especially Karley) have booked some 200 appointments. Many of us are now booked until the middle to the end of July. With Social Distancing and Safety Guidelines that are provided below, we can only accommodate 1 client at a time, per stylist. Therefore the salon is working at about a 60% capacity. That being said, you may notice an increase to our prices as we work through these times.

**Please check out our new guidelines on this link

Trust in Us, Looking forward to catching up with all of you, who we have missed dearly!

With greatest regards,